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Information about Sonoma County Fish and Game Laws

Santa Rosa Fish & Game AttorneyCalifornia may be an ideal tourist destination for hunters and fishermen as well as their traveling companions.  California offers plenty of open spaces for hunting and numerous bodies of water likely to appeal to fishermen.  However, California also institutes a number of fishing and game regulations that go beyond simply applying for a hunting license. If you have been accused of a fish and game offense, contact an experienced Santa Rosa Fish and Game Lawyer.

Although Sonoma County Fish and Game laws apply statewide, Sonoma County and Mendocino County employ far more game wardens than countries of similar size and population.  The natural resources of the North Bay counties are aggressively protected by game wardens and the District Attorney.

Santa Rosa fish and game laws are some of the most complex laws in the State of California.  They are very specific and also very strict.  Frequently, people find themselves accused of breaking fish and game laws that they didn’t even know existed.  People facing accusations of violating federal and state wildlife laws are frequently surprised by the severity of the consequences they could face if convicted.  Even in cases involving violations that some may view as relatively minor, such as shooting an elk out of season, the fines can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the situation.

In cases involving allegations of organized criminal enterprises, the consequences can be even more severe.  Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Santa Rosa fish and game attorney is important.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Paul Lozada are well versed in the fish and game laws having handled hundreds of cases. Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Lozada has worked with game wardens on enforcement and interpretation of the regulations.  He will defend your case aggressively and skillfully.

Those who hunt, fish, and others who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife often find themselves at odds with private landowners and Federal and State regulatory and statutory schemes that are confusing at best.  The Sonoma County fish and game attorneys at the Law Office of Paul Lozada have successfully defended against federal hunting and wildlife offenses such as:

  • Poaching
  • Tagging the wrong animal
  • Transferring a tag
  • Hunting from the road
  • Shooting from the road
  • Hunting on private property
  • Fishing or hunting over your limit
  • Fishing without a license
  • Hunting without a license
  • Recreational trespass

No matter what fishing or hunting violation you have been accused of, the Santa Rosa fish and game attorneys at the Law Office of Paul Lozada are ready to stand by your side.  We handle every case with the attention and dedication needed to help our clients resolve their matters with the least legal damage possible.  Every case we handle requires careful and meticulous review, so that we may make a comparative assessment to California’s rules to determine if there was any sort of violation.

California Fishing Rules

  • A nonprofessional fisherman over the age of 16 must obtain a sport fishing license to legally enjoy the hobby in California.  This applies whether you pursue fish, shellfish, reptiles or amphibians.
  • A sport fishing license is valid for an entire year.
  • You must have your valid fishing license in your possession and make it available for law enforcement or gaming officials upon request.

California Game Regulations

  • It is legally okay to hunt upland game such as pheasants, quails, wild turkeys and American crows.
  • There are specific seasons and dates for upland hunting.
  • Bagging limits usually apply. For example, 10 quail per day and 3 wild turkeys per hunting season

Contacting a Santa Rosa Fish and Game Lawyer

It is important to know where your legal access to hunting and fishing is in order to avoid trespassing violations.  If charged with this offense in Sonoma County, immediately contact Santa Rosa fish and game defense lawyers at the Law Office of Paul Lozada to preserve your rights.  Our skilled attorneys can present a strong defense on your behalf to fight these charges and keep your hunting privileges intact.  Our practice is devoted to client service.  If you are in search of an experienced and dedicated attorney, contact us today at (707) 636-3272 to schedule your free consultation.  We are located in Santa Rosa and serve all of Sonoma County.